Plumbing Maintenance Checklist

Plumbing Maintenance Checklist

Keeping up with your home maintenance can be quite difficult and time-consuming. There are several things in a business or home, which you need to keep up all round the year. Yorba Linda plumbing services have a plumbing checklist, which helps to look at the different issues that are likely to cause major plumbing problems in the future. Following it step-by-step makes it possible to undertake both maintenance and preventive care of your home’s plumbing systems and fixtures.

When you look at your home plumbing system, you wilplumbingl note that there different pipes and appliances that make up the system. This not only covers plumbing system, which operates sinks, showers, bathtubs, and toilets in your home. This also covers the laundry facilities such as utility sinks, drains, and washer, which can be installed. Other parts included are gas lines and water heaters.


Signs of leaks

Check for signs of leaks in the exposed pipes. You should be on the lookout for pipes, which run through walls or foundation of the home. The signs of plumbing include watermarks and puddles of water.


Check for corrosion in pipes. This is because corrosion causes leaks. It also leads to bad pipe connections when you fail to correct the problem. Green stains around copper fittings and brass and the shutoff valves are signs of extensive corrosion. For steel pipes, check for orange or yellow stains.

Water pressure

Ensure you check water pressure. This is the amount of force with which water gets out of showerheads or faucets. Low pressure is a sign of sediment accumulation in the shower head or faucet. This is also an indication of a problem with the water line. You should remove showerheads and look for sediments that have collected in it.

Drainage speed

You can check this by looking at every sink, tube drain, and shower. Slow drainage is a sign of clogged drain. If bubbles occur during drainage, this is a sign of problems in the plumbing system. Gurgling shows venting problems.


Look for cracked floors in the shower, near water pipes, and around plumbersinks. Hollow tiles or loose ones are a sign of leaks that have caused rotting underneath. Water that slips through cracks appears like a plumbing leak in the ceiling.

By following the above maintenance checklist regularly, you can detect different plumbing problems down the road. When you address such problems on a routine basis, this prevents plumbing problems from getting worse. This is likely to save you some good amount of money.

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