How to Prevent Your Kitchen Sink from Blocking

How to Prevent Your Kitchen Sink from Blocking

Most houses are constructed with a drainage system that directs all the waste from your home to a septic tank or sewer line. Waste from your bathroom or kitchen sink passes through this system before it is directed to where they are intended. There are times your drainage system may experience blockages due to the accumulation of silt and other solid substances. Hiring a plumber is the best solution in such an instance.

These are people who have the right tools and expertise for this kind of job. It is good to take early measures to prevent or reduce the chances of your drainage system from blocking. One area you need to put much focus on is your kitchen sink. That is where you wash utensils which contain food remnants.

These remnants may pile up in your drainage system and result in its blockage. Taking fast measures will save you the costs that come with hiring a plumber. You may spend so much money paying them to fix the mess in your home. There are times you may be required to buy other materials for your drainage system after a blockage. You should prevent your sink from blocking. Here is how to go about it.

Clear Your Plates

Remnants from your plates or pots canblocked sink result in sink blockage. You should clear them completely before dumping them to the sink for washing. Use a spoon or serviette to wipe the remnant into a dustbin before putting them in the tub. Doing so will ensure that your sink is free from any food materials that end up blocking.

Run Hot Water

You should also pour hot water into your kitchen sink to lower the chances of any blockage from happening. Fat and other substances can also clog your drain and affect the flow. Running hot water will help ensure that they have all been melted and washed away. Your drainage will no longer be sluggish or clogged when you run hot water through your sink.


There is a special type of sink filter you can use if you are finding a hard time trying to get rid of all the remnants or any other solid particles from your utensils. A sink filter prevents any solid substance from draining through when you are washing your utensils. You can throw them away in the dustbin once you are done. Following all these will save you from the mess that comes with clogged drainages.

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