Best Sofa For The Living Room

Best Sofa For The Living Room

sofasOf all the furniture in your home, perhaps none will be used as a regularly and as lazily as the sofa. Regardless of how you call it, either a couch or a settee, the colour of your sofa is the centre of your living room, and it will undoubtedly take a lot of weight over the years. Because of this, sofas are quite solid items, built to last, and usually very comfortable too, but when it comes to selecting the best one for you, there are a few other points worth considering.

Unlike choosing other furnishings, choosing a new sofa with the right colour for your room can actually be more intimidating than you might first expect, as whatever you choose will not only fill a huge part of your space, but it will probably be an entirely different colour and pattern from the rest of the room. However this is your opportunity to put your personal stamp on your living room, so think boldly and get the basics right.

Whether you choose to honour the heritage of your house and get a more formal reproduction or antique piece, or instead go contemporary and find a sofa that says something about its owner is entirely up to you; there are no right and wrongs. However, you should always consider how the room will be used and what the room’s natural focal point will be, even if it’s just the TV.

Next set your budget and stick to it. Sofas are always expensive, as they should be good quality pieces that are built to last years, but with the choice of sofas available there should be no need to go drastically over budget on one.Sofas

Next measure the space available. Never underestimate the power of the television, especially in a family home, so make sure that all the furniture in the room is in a realistic and practical arrangement. While you have the measuring tape out, measure the doorways and the adjoining hallway, as you don’t need any nasty unawares once you get home with your perfect sofa. At this point, you should also consider just how many people are likely to be using the sitting room at the same time and judge whether you need a three-seater over a two-seater. In a large living room, don’t be afraid to arrange the sofas away from the walls, to divide the space and make it cosier.sofa

How formal would you like your sofa to be? Design features like exposed legs curved Chesterfield’s arms and even good quality leather upholstery will all add a more refined and formal feel to your living room. However, if you perhaps want a sofa that can also be used as a bed, then formality probably isn’t your chief concern. However, always choose the fabric that is functional for your home. Leather is good for many people are it doesn’t stain easily and can stay relatively new looking for longer, but you might not find it as comfortable as you would like.

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